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A neurofeedback program designed to improve cognitive functioning and behaviors.

New Hope for Attention  Problems for Children and Adults

Our Play Attention program uses specialized equipment and software to help participants learn to increase attention span, filter out distractions, improve visual memory, and reduce distracting behaviors.  Dr. Betz, Director of ECDC, stated that she is excited to be able to offer clients another alternative in the treatment of attention disorders.   “Biofeedback has been used in the treatment of attention problems for years, however, the old software was not efficient at transferring skills to the classroom or work setting.  The reason I chose this program over others is because of the Academic Bridge component, which does help participants make the necessary transition to using the skills during real homework tasks.” 


This system utilizes a special arm band with sensors that monitor the participant’s brain waves, in order to be able to identify when the participant is focused and when he or she is not.  Participants engage in 5 different games during each session, each of which targets a different aspect of attention.   They work to meet new goals each session, until they are able to successfully use the skills in the classroom or work environment. 


In order to be able to accurately measure results, ECDC has compiled a specific set of pre-tests to look at a variety of areas that may be improved with the training.  These tests will again be completed at the end of the training to be able to accurately measure improvements. 


Candidates do not have to be diagnosed with ADHD in order to benefit from the program.  The program is designed to improve attention and focus, regardless of the cause of the attention problems, by helping the participant train their brain with continuous feedback.  If your child struggles with homework for hours each evening, blurts out remarks in class, or has a difficult time following directions, they may benefit from this program.  This program is also appropriate for adults who cannot stay focused to complete routine tasks such as paying bills, are not as productive at work as they should be,  start projects but never finish them, and have social difficulties due to low attention. 


This program works best when participants are able to come 2 to 3 times a week.  Important changes are usually seen within the first two months of treatment, and permanent results are expected between 40 to 50 sessions.  The research that has been done on this particular program has resulted in a 90% satisfaction rating, with children being able to improve grades, reduce inappropriate distracting behaviors, improve self-esteem and peer interactions, reduce the amount of time for homework, and reduce or even discontinue certain medications.  Adults have found that they are able to do better at work, accomplish more of their goals, and improve their ability to communicate with others.


For those interested in the program, please call 580-242-5544 to attend an orientation session to find out more about the program.   

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